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Prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment

Our Technology

We have developed the ClariCore Biopsy system, a smarter biopsy needle with integrated optics, capable of conducting real-time spectroscopy during a prostate biopsy.  This works because of our proprietary machine learning predictive algorithm.  We will be able to tell physicians, in real-time, if the tissue they’re sampling is negative or suspicious.  This will allow physicians to improve their detection of prostate cancer and decrease the harvesting of negative prostate tissue.


PreView is also developing the ClariCore Mapping system to accurately produce a 3D rendering of tumors if cancer has been detected.  The system will enable precision targeted therapy and avoid the overtreatment or removal of the prostate.  This technology has the potential to greatly reduce the unfortunate side-effects of prostate overtreatment: erectile disfunction and incontinence. 

Beyond our ClariCore Mapping, PreView Medical plans to develop a soft tissue ablation platform to capitalize on our unique mapping capabilities.  This will give us an end-to-end solution to diagnose, map, and treat patients.  The beneficiaries will be patients, clinicians, and payers as we deliver more cost effective and clinically effective solutions in prostate cancer.

The Problem

Prostate tumors are rarely visualized with traditional medical imaging technologies. This results in randomly searching for tumors and a high rate of both benign tissue coring and false negatives during prostate biopsies.

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